Edifier S351DB vs Dialog AP-220

Basic Specifications

Edifier S351DBDialog AP-220
Front speakers/satellites cabinet materialMDFMDF
Subwoofer cabinet materialMDFMDF
Front speakers depth

156 mm

110 mm

Height of front speakers

222 mm

190 mm

Width of front columns

127 mm

117 mm

Wall mountingNoNo
Weight of the set

17.4 kg

Weight of frontal speakersn/a

0.57 kg

Subwoofer height

289 mm

280 mm

Subwoofer width

265 mm

170 mm

Subwoofer depth

312 mm

300 mm

Subwoofer weightn/a

3.9 kg


Edifier S351DBDialog AP-220
Digital optical inputYesNo
USB Type A interface (for flash drive)NoYes
USB interface (for computer connection)NoNo
Digital coaxial inputYesNo
Support for SD memory cardsNoYes
Line input (stereo)YesYes
Headphone jackNoNo
Mains powerYesYes
Battery powerNoNo
Wireless connectionYesNo
Subwoofer outputNoNo
Line input (stereo) connectorRCARCA

Sound quality

Edifier S351DBDialog AP-220
Number of front speakers



Magnetic shielding of front speakers/satellitesn/aYes
Magnetic shielding of subwoofern/aYes
Total power (RMS)

150 W

60 W

Front speakers powern/a

15 W

Maximum playback frequency

20000 Hz

20000 Hz

Minimum reproducible frequency

30 Hz

40 Hz

Signal to noise ratio

85 dB

80 dB

Subwoofer powern/a

30 W


Edifier S351DBDialog AP-220
HF adjustmentYesYes
LF adjustmentYesYes
DTS decoderNoNo
Dolby Pro Logic II decoderNoNo
Dolby Digital decoderNoNo
Remote controlwirelesswireless
Built-in tunerNoNo
Powered by USBNoNo
DTS ES decoderNoNo
Controls on front sideNon/a

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