Ginzzu GM-405 vs Microlab FC 530

Basic Specifications

Ginzzu GM-405Microlab FC 530
Front speakers/satellites cabinet materialMDFn/a
Subwoofer cabinet materialMDFn/a
Front speakers depth

88 mm

100 mm

Height of front speakers

151 mm

132 mm

Width of front columns

91 mm

93 mm

Wall mountingNon/a
Weight of the setn/a

8.5 kg

Weight of frontal speakers

0.23 kg

Subwoofer height

274 mm

255 mm

Subwoofer width

165 mm

280 mm

Subwoofer depth

253 mm

240 mm

Subwoofer weight

2.34 kg

Amplifier widthn/a

77 mm

Height of amplifiern/a

200 mm

Amplifier depthn/a

210 mm


Ginzzu GM-405Microlab FC 530
Digital optical inputNoNo
USB Type A interface (for flash drive)YesNo
USB interface (for computer connection)NoNo
Digital coaxial inputNoNo
Support for SD memory cardsYesNo
Line input (stereo)YesYes
Headphone jackNoYes
Mains powerYesYes
Battery powerNoNo
Wireless connectionYesn/a
Subwoofer outputNon/a
Line input (stereo) connectorRCAn/a

Sound quality

Ginzzu GM-405Microlab FC 530
Number of front speakers



Magnetic shielding of front speakers/satellitesYesYes
Magnetic shielding of subwooferYesYes
Total power (RMS)

40 W

54 W

Front speakers power

10 W

15 W

Maximum playback frequency

20000 Hz

20000 Hz

Minimum reproducible frequency

40 Hz

20 Hz

Signal to noise ratio

68 dB

75 dB

Subwoofer power

20 W

24 W

Separation of channelsn/a

65 dB


Ginzzu GM-405Microlab FC 530
HF adjustmentYesn/a
LF adjustmentYesn/a
DTS decoderNoNo
Dolby Pro Logic II decoderNoNo
Dolby Digital decoderNoNo
Remote controlwirelesswireless
Built-in tunerYesNo
Powered by USBNoNo
DTS ES decoderNoNo
Controls on front sideYesn/a

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